Welcome to MonkSandals

Welcome to Monk Sandals - the first hand-made minimalist running sandals producer in Poland. The aim of the Company is to create sandals which will fulfill the needs of the most demanding users. By using the highest quality materials we created high endurance sandals while keeping the weight at minimum. ...

Run naturally

  •    Feel the freedom and the contact with nature;
  •    Experience real happiness and relaxation;
  •    Feel your body move in a completely new way.


The idea of running in sandals

There are many factors that play important role: The feeling of the surface and what comes with it, a better contact with nature through the additional stimuli and receptors on our sole. No boundaries for our feet thanks to no foot cover and artificial support. Your feet are completely open and there is nothing to limit the movement apart from the sole that protects them from mechanical injuries. Muscles which have hardly been used develop themselves and we start to move instinctively just as our body forces us to build up strength and balance. The ...

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Monk Sandals running philosophy

Running is the activity where you can find yourself, your positive and negative sides. Depending on your advancement it will be on a different level. It is important to realise what running means to you and what benefits you can gain from it.

Take off your shoes, your watch and all the other gadgets and go out to the park, or if you have the opportunity, to the nearby forest and get a second wind. Catch a break from civilized world and obtain energy from nature. Run how the organism tells you to. Feel the rhythm, catch a breath and flow through the forest trails and the surrounding nature.

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